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Staffing Solutions

Profiler is a leading provider of expertise. We offer our services to organisations from all business industries, in the private as well as public sector. We empower businesses by providing Staffing Solutions, which cover the complete range from recruitment to strategic talent acquisition, using state of the art tools and social media infrastructure and the knowledge of the relevant talent market.

AÜG / Labour Leasing

Through our employee leasing service, we allow your company access to our specialized full-time staff to fill in temporary shortages of human resources. Our staff is completely at your disposal as long as required. Only the actually performed hours are charged, so you can flexibly plan the resources without having to worry about risks and additional costs of a full-time employee.

Profiler is AÜG-certified and is authorized to provide employee leasing services in Germany.

Looking for temporary employees to fill in temporary shortages in workforce during peak periods.

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With our contracting service, we provide access to our strong network of highly skilled freelancers on a project-by-project basis to meet the needs of your business. Available either on a Times & Materials or Fixed Price basis, this service is ideal for short and medium term projects.

Need special skills on a project-basis. Access Profiler's network of Freelancers.

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Permanent Placement

With our recruiting service we provide assitance in finding the most suitable professionals. Our extensive knowledge of the job market, the systematic review of credentials and the use of different recruitment methods, depending on the skills required and the positions to fill, allow us to quickly and cost-effectively find suitable employees for your business.


 We recruit nationally and internationally. As an experienced and renowned recruitment agency, we can provide highly-skilled and reliable specialists from abroad for various professions. 


 We offer and end-to-end service for international recruiting. Our services include support in visa applications, relocating the employees and preparing them for their work in Germany through language and integration courses. As well as providing support during the probation period.

Looking for skilled employees, young professionals or trainees, Profiler will find these for you!

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Staffing Solutions