Software Development and QA (Part-Time)

Work as a Software Development and QA (Part-Time) in Darmstadt, Germany.

Our Company:
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ROLE/FUNCTION:Software Development and QA (Part-Time) in Darmstadt, Germany


CONTRACT:Permanent Part-time Employment (50% Support)
DEADLINE:19 March 2018


Each key person shall have completed a University degree (minimum Bachelor) in Computer Science or a related technical field, complemented by at least 5 years of professional experience.
Expert knowledge and practical experience to be fulfilled by the key person:
Data analysis from varied local tools:
• Extraction and collection of data from different sources: web services, databases, source code repositories.
• Analysis of data and generation of statistics related to Project Management (risks, actions, releases…) and SW development (bugs, SW metrics…)
• Generation of metrics, indicators and dashboards, with focus on software quality and software development processes.
• Establishment of Data Mining/Extracting techniques.
Software development:
• Linux Shell scripting.
• Web development, with experience in dynamic plotting libraries such as FLOT or Google Charts.
• Continuous integration tools: Jenkins
• Automated testing for C/C++ (CPPUnit, GCOV, Bullseye…) and Java (JUnit, Jacoco, Cobertura, Mockito, PowerMock…)
• Source Code checkers: SonarQube, CheckStyle, Understand…
• Perl scripting. Experience creating Understand CodeCheck extensions will be considered as an asset.


Experience in the following areas will be considered an advantage:
Software Product Assurance:
• Software Quality Models: ECSS, ISO, SQALE.
• Coding Standards, with special focus on C/C++, Java and FORTRAN.
• Business Intelligence applied to SW Quality.


The activities include the development, installation, verification and tuning of software quality tools to address needs via individual support requests as indicated below:
• Development of scripts for gathering data from different sources, mainly using web services or direct database access.
• Capturing, processing and analysing data in order to generate useful metrics and indicators.
• Development (new, evolutionary) and maintenance (corrective, preventive) of web tools dedicated to provide easy access and simple visualisation of the different indicators.
• Elaboration of dashboards summarizing and presenting relevant information for the different roles in team.
• Support in the definition and maintenance of coding standards and practices, with focus on C/C++, Java and FORTRAN.
• Support in the development of plugins and utilities for checking coding standards.
• Provide general support configuring, running and tuning software quality related tools, such as SonarQube.

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