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ID: 3204
ROLE/FUNCTION: Remote Sensing Consultant


START: 01 April 2018
LOCATION: Off-site in developing countries
CONTRACT: 90 working days/ year
WORKING LANGUAGE: English (fluent), French (fluent)
DEADLINE: 29 January 2018


• A University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline;
• 10 years’ experience in applications of remote sensing technologies to Development projects, with relevant experience in developing countries;
• A good technical background in the area of earth observation applications and technologies;
• A very good understanding of the EU policies related to developing countries and related funding mechanisms, including latest policy development on space between EU & Africa;
• A good knowledge of activities of major key players in the areas of actions related to Earth Observation, to Weather, Climate and Environment in Africa;
• A very practical hands-on knowledge of the EU procedures and be fully aware of sharing of responsibilities between the various DGs as well as between the EU and its Delegations;
• A good knowledge of the GMES initiative, the EU Research, Technological Development programme (e.g. FP7) and of the Earth Observation activities managed by the Joint Research Centre.
• a deep understanding of the different components of the MESA project, and to demonstrate its ability to advise the Project Steering Committee, during the implementation of the project.
• a very good knowledge of the EC procedures for implementing projects funded by the EDF. This involves personal contacts with the different key actors in the EC: DG DEVCO, DG JRC, DG RTD, DG ENTR, EU Delegation to the AU in Addis Ababa, etc.
• practical working experience with the different institutions involved in the MESA project in Africa: the Regional Implementation Centres (CICOS, AGRHYMET, ICPAC, BDMS, MOI, ACMAD), Regional African Economic Communities (ECOWAS, SADC, IOC, CEMAC and IGAD), the African Union and the ACP Secretariat.
• Fluency in spoken and written English and French is mandatory, together with good communication skills.


• Working within a political and multi-national framework;
• Knowledgeable of EC, African Economic Groupings; African Union, UN-ECA and ACPC,
specialised regional institutions in Africa (ACMAD, AGRHYMET), ACP Secretariat;
• Working experience in developing countries in general and in Africa in particular

The tasks shall be to provide an independent contribution into the following six main components:
• Component I: Contribute to the organisation, proceedings and follow up of the client User Forum in Africa;
• Component II: Support the client contribution to the on-going GMES & Africa Support programme, SAWIDRA projects (in particular the SAWIDRA-continental) and intra-ACP Climate Service project;
• Component III: Contribute to the planning, programming (inc. funding aspects) and implementation of the transition to the new generation of clients satellites (MTG and EPS-SG) for African users, also considering Copernicus data and products.
• Component IV: Advise client on its institutional relations with European (EU institutions) and African policy partners (AUC, RECs and ACP secretariat), in the framework of the EU development policies with respect to Africa (Joint EU-Africa Strategy) and the intra-ACP Cooperation Strategy;
• Component V: Advise cleint on its relations with African WMO community in the framework of the Integrated African Strategy on Meteorology (weather and climate services) and of the WMO RA-I operational plan, as well as on client’s contribution to global initiative related to Africa (e.g. AfriGEOSS)
• Component VI: Other consultancy services as requested by the client

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